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"I think its wonderful, I really do! Having cataract surgery is the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to you. My three sisters had their cataract surgery there too. I was almost blind before and didnt know it, but now I can see better to do everything."

Ruth M. Blairs, VA

"I went to Southeastern Eye Center because Dr. Epes is there. I think were lucky to have him in the area to do cataract surgery. I recommend them because of their experience and the numbers of cataract surgeries they do there. I had to give up portrait and landscape painting as I had lost my color vision. If I had realized that surgery was this simple, I wouldnt have put it off for ten years."

John M. - Semora, NC

"Dr. Epes at Southeastern is a good, old fashioned doctor like doctors used to be. Cataract surgery there was simply wonderful. Their staff makes you feel so confident with all they do for you. Never put it off as long as Dr. Epes and Southeastern is there to do cataract surgery."

Lucille M. Gretna, VA

"Im an avid bird watcher, and now I can see the birds where before they were just a blur. I can read and play the piano and even see road signs. Im so impressed with the technology at Southeastern Eye Center. I highly recommend them as the care was professional, skillful, and courteous."

Nila P. Taylorsville, NC

"My brother and father-in-law had cataract surgery at Southeastern Eye Center and Im glad I did too. Now I recommend them to everyone. Go to Southeastern, as they know what theyre doing. Ive been seeing good ever since and Ive started sewing again."

Mary Sue S. Walnut Cove, NC

"I can thread a needle now, do my needlework, and my crossword puzzles because I can see so much better. Were lucky to have a place like Southeastern Eye Center for cataract surgery. I recommend them to anybody, and theres nothing to the surgery, as its absolutely easy."

Ruth B. High Point, NC

"I noticed a difference in my vision right away after my cataract surgery. I can see more clearly now to read and sew. Everyone at Southeastern Eye Center was so kind and helpful, explained things to me, and made me feel very comfortable. I couldnt ask for anything better than the care I received there."

Lucille C. Hickory, NC

"The day after my surgery I went back to work driving a fork lift. I can even thread my fishing lines without any problems. If you need cataract surgery, get it done as soon as possible at Southeastern Eye Center, as its the only place as far as Im concerned. I had heard a lot of people talk about how good it was, and Im glad I went there."

Jimmy L. Roxboro, NC

"Dr. Epes is very talented, and I admire good surgeons. The professionalism of their staff was outstanding. I notice these things, having been in surgical and medical surroundings. After cataract surgery, I can do anything I want to like drive, crochet and read for longer periods of time than I used to. Im able to see so much better."

Madeline K. Claremont, NC

"Cant beat their whole staff theyre just great. I can now see better to make my clocks and crafts. I can drive at night so much better since Ive had my cataract surgery by Dr. Epes at Southeastern Eye Center."

John J. Advance, NC

"Trust Your Eyes To Experience"

Southeastern Eye Center
3312 Battleground Avenue
Greensboro, North Carolina

Toll Free: 1-800-632-0428
or call: 1-336-282-5000

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