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Case Study:
Idiopathic Central Serous Chorioretinopathy

Color fundus photograph of a 35 year old male Caucasian  referred to our retina service for evaluation of metamorphopsia of six weeks duration. Dilated retinal exam revealed a neurosensory serous macular detachment with hard exudate at its apex.

Digital red-free fundus photograph clearly delineates the neurosensory serous detachment and hard exudate is plainly seen. There is an RPE defect indicating an area of focal leakage inferior to the rim of hard exudate.(Hard exudate is an unusual finding in ICSC)
This venous phase digital fluorescein angiogram shows a discrete focal leakage of dye temporal to the foveal avascular zone. The vascular tree demonstrates normal filling.
This late phase angiogram obtained at 10 minutes post injection shows a classic "smokestack" appearance of leakage within the neurosensory detachment
This late phase angiogram obtained at 20 minutes post injection shows further leakage and the serous detachment is beginning to fill with fluorescein.


Idiopathic Central Serous Chorioretinopathy also known as Central Serous Retinopathy is a disease primarily found in young males in the third or fourth decade of life. Many patients are self described as having a "Type A" personality. However, it has not been shown that any adjustment in lifestyle or work habits has any affect on the duration or natural course of this disease. ICSC is predominate in males with a 20-1 greater incidence than in females. The natural course of the disease varies, but usually treatment is not indicated. Some studies have shown that laser treatment may be indicated in long standing serous detachment, but usually the leakage will stop of its own accord and resolution of the detachment will result in near normal visual acuity. Time and reassurance that vision will improve is likely the best course of action.

Photo credit: Lisa M. Johnson, Senior Photo Specialist, Southeastern Eye Center

John D. Matthews, MD and  John T. Harriott, MD of Southeastern Eye Center are both fellowship trained retina specialists and Board Certified by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

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